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Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix (Australia)

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Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix (Australia)

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Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix

nuoc-sot-pho-mao-cheese-australia-2Cheese is one of the great foods in western cuisine, derived from a controlled fermentation process from milk. Over the last 10 years Australian cheeses have been making great strides in their quality and market success right across the Asia Pacific region. They benefit from the strict Australian Government controlled dairy industry and Australian taste innovation – as evidenced also by the success of our fine wines.

The Australian cheeses we use in our sauce are the best that Australia has to offer, and the taste when the sauce is mixed up is outstanding. It can be used to offer dipping pots of cheese sauce to customers, or to ‘load’ fries with cheese sauce. In fact there are many ways Gourmet Tree Australian Cheddar Cheese Sauce can be used.

nuoc-sot-pho-mao-cheese-australia-1Just mix our powder base with warm water with a hand blender (or any mixer) to get these benefits.  Add 300g cheese sauce powder to 700g warm water (around 60c is good) and mix for 30 seconds.  Sauce can be filled into sauce dispensers or bottles.


Nutritional Information 
 30g of Sauce 100g of Powder
Energy 200kJ (48Cal) 2000kJ(479Cal)
Protein 1.2g  12.3g
Fat, Total 2.4g 24.3g
 – Saturated 1.8g  18.2g
 Carbohydrate 5.3g 52.4g
– Sugars 3.4g 34.3g
 Sodium 181mg 1810mg